We carefully select our host families so you have the best possible cultural experience. We regularly make home visits to check the standard of the accommodation. Every homestay is different; some are with large families others are with a lady on her own. One thing they all have in common is that they will treat you like you are part of their family. Each one will give you a unique experience and very good insight into British culture and the Mancunian way of life.

All homestay accommodation includes a private single bedroom with a shared bathroom.  Your stay also includes breakfast and an evening meal with the family.  Manchester is a fairly large city and has very good transport links.  Most homestay accommodation is within a 20-40 minute bus or tram journey to the city centre.  Our school is only a 5 minute walk from Piccadilly Gardens which is the main hub for transport in Greater Manchester.

We know the importance of staying with a host family and want you to have the best possible experience.  Here are some guidelines and advice to help you make the most of your time with the host family.

Advice for students staying with host families and private home accommodation.

Every home all over the world is different with different routines and customs.  British families are no exception. Try to be flexible.  All our families are very friendly and want to help you settle in so if you don’t know what to do, just ask.  Bear in mind living with a family is not like staying in a hotel. Do not expect everything to be done for you. Try to offer to help out  if you can.

The bedroom: you’ll have a bed, a lamp, a study area, usually a desk and somewhere to put your clothes. If you need something or something is missing, just ask the family.

Your host family will clean your room, but you need to make sure it’s tidy and you’ll need to make your own bed.

Bathroom: Ask your homestay when it is the best time for you to have a bath or shower or if there is a time when they need to use it. Be careful not to get water on the floor. If you do just ask for something to dry it. After you have finished in the bathroom leave it clean and tidy. Some houses in Britain have a limited hot water supply if this is the case try not to take too long using the shower!

Autumn and winter: central heating is provided but a lot of families don’t use it overnight. If you are cold, ask for extra blankets.

Food and meals: Breakfast is usually simple and you just help yourself to bread, cereal, fruit, coffee and tea.  In the evening you will eat with the family. British families sometimes eat in the early evening 6pm-7pm. If there is anything you cannot eat, please tell the host family. Try to be home in time for meals. If you cannot make it let them know in advance. If you do not require a meal or if you need to eat earlier or later, again, let them know in advance. Lunches are not included and you will have to make your own arrangements during the week and at weekends.

Laundry: Each family is different.  But usually the host family will wash one load of clothes once a week.  You should find out which day is best for the family. Sometimes, the homestay will ask you to use the washing machine yourself.

Students will have to do their own ironing and also any hand washing.

Money/valuables: Don’t leave valuables lying around. Ask your hosts where the best place is to put things.

If you have cash, we recommend you open a bank account.

Telephone: Do not use the house phone to make outgoing calls unless you have asked permission first,  except in emergencies. Most families do not mind if you receive calls, make sure they are not too long, too frequent, and not late at night (after 10.00 p.m).

Visitors: If you want to invite friends over, please ask first.  If you have family or friends visiting don’t ask your homestay to allow them stay. Ask in the reception for a recommended list of hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Staying out late: If you are planning to stay out late, you must inform the family. Security is extremely important. Always lock the door when you arrive home and be quiet. If you want to stay out all night, you must let the family know.

If you wish to change your accommodation, changes can only happen at the weekend and you must give a minimum of one week’s notice within the first 4 weeks of your stay and two weeks’ notice after that. If you do not give the appropriate notice, you will have to pay the accommodation cost.

Your host family wants you to be happy as do we!  If you have a problem, talk to your homestay first. Most problems are just a misunderstanding. If the problem can’t be resolved, inform reception who will liaise with the homestay.

Remember, we are also here to help, so you can speak to reception at any time if there is anything you do not understand or feel unhappy about.


Located just 20 minutes by bus from the school our standard residences offer different options to accommodate students. They provide a safe, quiet and comfortable place for you to study.

They are similar to university style accommodation with 6 – 10 floors. Each corridor has five or six bedrooms maximum that share a kitchen and a communal area, some have shared bathrooms and others have a private bathroom.

Although not all residences require a deposit please be aware that this is a possibility. Deposits start from £100 and they are refundable.

When making your booking, please let us know your requirements and we can match the residence to your needs.


The main reason students choose the Exclusive Student Residence option is the position.  They are located right in the city centre and walking distance to English in Manchester.

Each residence has its own facilities but all them include a private room and bathroom. You will share the common areas with a maximum of four students.

All of them require a refundable deposit in order to book the room. Deposits start from £100 and are refundable.

When making your booking, please let us know your requirements and we can match the residence to your needs.