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5 Tips for Improving your English Reading Skills

Reading is an essential skill for English language students. When your reading skills improve, so do your listening, writing, and speaking skills.

The five tips below will help you improve your reading skills.

  1. 1. READ AT THE RIGHT LEVEL - Don't try to read something too complicated straight away, this will only put you off, you want to challenge yourself but not to be frustrated.

  2. SET ASIDE TIME TO READ - You want to read regularly, set aside 15 minutes each day which is for reading and stick to it. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet, switch your phone off to stop distractions, and have your book ready to go.

  3. KEEP A NOTEBOOK OF NEW VOCABULARY - Note down new words and look up their meaning.

  4. READ WHAT INTERESTS YOU - Pick a subject you are interested in so you enjoy it and want to do it.

  5. ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS - What is the book about? What new words have you learned this week? Which part of the book don't you understand?

You can read books but of course, that's not all there is to read, there are blog posts, magazines, recipe books, newspapers and more.

Books suggestions:

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox, Roald Dahl

  • The Old Man and the Sea, Earnest Hemmingway

  • Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone, J.K. Rowling

Taking English classes at a language school in Manchester, accepting and taking feedback from your teachers, and simultaneously putting in lots of hours of practice will help see improvements.

“Which school, is best for me?”

Then you’re in the right place! No other school in Manchester is quite like our school - English in Manchester. It’s an outstanding Manchester English language school, with great facilities, excellent teachers, and a great track record.

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