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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Getting your speaking skills up to a good level can be difficult. It’s a tricky area when you are learning a new language. Sometimes, you feel you can't progress and feel frustrated, worrying that you will never reach the next level.

Luckily, we can help you. Improving public speaking, skill for speaking, and boosting your confidence look difficult, but how difficult is it? Actually, not so much with support from qualified native teachers at English in Manchester. Let's look at how you can enhance your speaking skills.

How can I speak more effectively?

Your English fluency is a dramatically important part of being an effective communicator, but there are other things too. Knowing the language you want to speak well, will help, but we can do other things to become a more effective speaker. We know that organisations like The British Council highly value confident speakers.

Smooth pronunciation - Don't worry about your accent. When you speak with an accent it makes a language beautiful, not worse. What you need to do is focus on pronunciation making it as correct as possible.

Use inflection - English is like singing a song, tones vary between high and low, this keeps your speech interesting.

Slow down and speed up - As with inflection, the speed of what you say will change. Alternating the speed based on the topic of the conversation will improve speaking quality.

Listen well - We recommend using every opportunity to speak with the natives. Listen and then imitate their tone, pitch, and rhythm of speech.

Be confident - Confident public speaking will make you much more effective.

Expand your vocabulary - The more words you know, the more words will you be able to use in different contexts. It gives you many options on how to describe objects and helps to avoid repetition.

Eye contact - It's very important to maintain eye contact with other people during conversations. This helps to show you are confident, attentive, and dedicated.

Add some humour - Its not always easy but if you can add a little humour into your conversations this will help to keep the listeners engaged.

Practice makes perfect - The more you practice the easier it will be. Try to stay positive and don't quit!

How to improve my English speaking in 1 month?

Improving your English in a single month is difficult but not impossible. You will see results after two or three weeks but you will need to put in a lot of effort and practice, coupled with guided tuition from highly experiences and qualified native teachers. To improve your English speaking in a single month and to notice any differences needs hard work and lots of error correction.

Attending English classes at a language school in Manchester, accepting and taking feedback from your teachers, and simultaneously putting in lots of hours of practice will see improvements.

Find a good language school, stay positive, listen and practice, accept feedback will help to improve fluency.

Remember - Cambridge Assessment recommend 200 hours of guided practice for each CEFR level.

“Which school, is best for me?”

Then you’re in the right place! No other school in Manchester is quite like our school - English in Manchester. It’s an outstanding Manchester English language school, with great facilities, excellent teachers, and a great track record.

If you’ve spent hours wandering Manchester and The Trafford Centre frightened about how to speak to the shop assistants, contact us and we can help.

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